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Getting Here

Ferry to a different state of mind

Maybe it’s the sun on your face. Maybe it’s the wind in your hair…the distant cries of gulls overhead, or the briny scent of the churning sea.

Whatever the reason, the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard does more than take you to Oak Bluffs or Vineyard Haven; it transports you...escorts you to a different, more carefree state of mind. The invisible but mighty weights of the outside world seem to dissipate in the breeze; deep blues, vibrant greens and calming earth-tones bring a smile to your eyes and a warmth to your heart, which beats with anticipation for your impending arrival.

And suddenly you realize – your vacation’s already begun, even before you make landfall on this classic island paradise.

Welcome, one and all, to the magic of Martha’s Vineyard.


The Harbor View Hotel is located in Edgartown, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Transportation is only available by plane or by boat.


Year-round direct air service originates from a number of popular hubs, including Boston, New York, Newark, Nantucket and Hyannis, among other cities. In addition, augmented schedules run during the island's summer season.


Ferry service to Martha's Vineyard runs year-round from Woods Hole. MA. Seasonally, it serves the state's Hyannis. Falmouth and New Bedford ports as well. Out-of-state ferries, running on seasonal schedules, originate from Quonset, Rhode Island and the Borough of Manhattan in NYC (The Seastreak).

Please note that ferry transportation - which requires reservations - provides the only means by which cars may arrive on the island.

To reserve a space for your car on the ferry, please contact the Steamship Authority as soon as your lodging plans have been confirmed. While it is possible to make a reservation as late as one hour prior to departure, finding an open spot is highly unlikely during the summer season, and "stand-by" reservations are not accepted.

For those inclined to leave their cars behind, mainland parking is available at the Steamship Authority lot at Woods Hole. However, if spaces are not available. ticketed passengers can park


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